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To the Devs. A suggestion from a Pre Steam Beta player

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Hello guys.

First off I want to tell you that I loved your game. I played it for many hours and even led fleets in PVP servers, most fun I had ever. This is definitely one of the best sailing games out there. I even like that non historical factions (like Russia and Prussia and Denmark) found their way to the Caribbean.


I think you guys need to face up to the fact that the original plan that you had: A world where the players lead nations, declare war, run trade and the economy, is pretty much a failure. It was a good effort but it has failed. The reason it failed is pretty much the same why any open world PvP fails. Griefers, Gankers and Exploiters.

The PvP server has turned into a few clans that dominate every map and steam roll everyone around them. New players can't get ahead and there is little options for solo play.

I'm not by any means saying the game is dead throw it in the garbage, but I think you guys need to rethink your strategy for growing your fan base (and believe me, when you are maxing out at a 1000 players in peak hours, after 5-6 years you are presiding over a dying game)

Can I make a suggestion?

Eliminate the PvP server.
Rework the PvE server so that there are PvP areas where players and clans can still battle it out and capture ports and earn the booty and the glory, and where the rest of the carebears can farm in peace outside those zones.
Add more content, for example, have AI nations declare war on each other which creates PvP Zones, that drive up tensions,
Create missions in ports where solo players can get orders to join in AI vs AI fleet battles, where Merchants can get missions to resupply ports.
Add more content to the game, have a player rescue a governor's daughter or hunt an infamous pirate.
Add more events like Treasure fleets that players can band together to attack

These are just a few ideas and I'm sure your fanbase will help you come up with more.

There are a ton of things you can do to turn this game around. You have enough ships and the mechanics are great. You just need to add more content to draw in both PvP players AND PvE players while keeping it interesting and fun.

Like I said, I have been with you guys since the Beta, and it's still essentially the same game (though the ports look better). Just more ships and a few more mechanics. Stop fine tuning it and ADD CONTENT.

If you don't I'm afraid this game will eventually die, and that would be a shame.

My 2 doubloons

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Posted (edited)

There are lots of options for solo play.  I play solo most of the time on both servers. There are also lots of choices for teamwork, there are various sized groups working together, even from other nations.  Some teams are just two players.  But I almost always sail alone and my freedom is almost unlimited.

Some players have difficulty seeing the opportunities in NA because they expect all ideas and mechanics to be created by the Dev.  They miss all of the things to do that the players create themselves.  Because the world is open ended, and there are minimal limits on our options, the players are free to create their own story.

Any great novel weaves sub-stories into the main plot.  The saga here is like a complex novel.  There are larger and smaller dramas unfolding all the time.  Politics, secret plans, subterfuge, trade agreements, backstabbing.  This tale is much richer than anything the Dev could have forced on us.

It is fortunate that Game Labs has not changed their game because of false threats that the game is dieing.   NA is a niche indie game, and the population has remained steady for years. Reminds me of a small horse from the steppes that will never grow into a huge workhorse, and some uninformed stranger delares "That small horse is weak and will not last". Genghis Khan rode small horses. They can be strong, fast and powerful.  But they are not large.

Although well intended, it is a misguided suggestion to ruin the culture of the Peace server by adding PvP.   It's essence is the absence of PvP.  Modifications involving PvP belong on the War server.  We will not increase the population by combining the servers.  Some enjoy freedom from the attitude of competitive players, and the Peace server provides a haven.

NA is a good game.  Beautiful ships and scenery.  Games Labs is proud of the combat.  The community is one of the best.


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@Daniel Silver

I think you have some great ideas and i can see your points.

In my opinion, that clear distinction between PvE and PvP is not the best way for the game.

There should be, like u just said, some PvP zones on the PvE server.

Sometimes, i wish there would be some places were it wouldnt be possible to attack for example new players or not well experience ones.

For some players, the game is just about hit on new players and grief them, till they loose interest in the game.

I like the idea of some sort of warzones close to contested citys. Were players could engage on each other and push there nations fortune with every kind of participation and level of engagement they could afford.

BUT as we all no, every player has his own unique way to play this game and with those relatively little player numbers it should not be 3 servers, at least for now..

I think, those ideas like yours, should be encouraged and heared.

It just strengthen our community and i hope discussions could be seen and read by the devs.


So keep up and fair winds o7

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The reason the pop is low is because :

1. The grind to get competitive ships is waaaay too long. 

2. Trading sucks. Visit most ports & you find virtually empty admiralty stores. 

3. Crafting sucks. You are forced into a clan to get port bonuses, rare woods, etc. 

4. Missions suck. "Go kill this ship. Now go kill that ship." Not much story line in that.

5. New player experience sucks. "Welcome. It will take you weeks of play (maybe months) and millions of reals/doubs to get a competitive ship, which could be sunk in a matter of minutes. Along the way, the inferior ships you'll be sailing will be sunk over & over by full-time players & gank squads. Lose, lose, lose! Isn't this fun?! BTW, if you have any questions, look in the game guide...Oh, wait, we don't have one. Just ask a lot of questions on Help chat. Ooops. We got rid of that. Tell you what - Forget all the grinding, trading, crafting, gathering seasoned woods and mods, and everything else that would enrich the gameplay. Just buy DLC ships! Oh, and you'll need lots of dock space for them. We have DLC's for that, too! Yep - the key to success & happiness in this game is to spend REAL money on DLC's. Lots & lots of real money. Have fun!"

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