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Good Devs,

First thing, Good job on the User Interface - It is really an improvement over 2018

I hope you're doing good. I have couple of improvements to suggest for your User experience.
Sorting things and organizing your stuff if a real pain at the moment. here are the reasons why I find it really frustrating:

1) Sorting Button doesn't do what you want.

Have a warehouse full of upgrades? Sorting them out will not sort them in icon order or the picture they represent. Sorting should be called more - Stacking. As it stacks the resources/upgrades.

Wouldn't it be great it could sort/stack the  the upgrades by the icons in order?

2) No Upgrade Names:

Since the upgrades isn't sorted automatically in the icons, You do it that way. But when you want to add more upgrade to your warehouse, It's frustrating to find which stack is which upgrade.

For instance I have a shot ration to add to my warehouse but I have 6 stacks of the same icon. powerder ration - guatacca gunpowder - alemeria gunpowder - chain ration etc. All of these have the same icons and you have to move your mouse on the top of each upgrade stack to know on which stack to add your upgrade.

So If it could be possible to add names on the upgrade is the sorting isn't improved then That'd be grade. Or let it be a option. like show on/off upgrades/resource name.

3) Shortcuts not working in everything

If you didn't know, Control is to select multiples items and then drag and drop moves them at the same time. and the alt button moves the upgrade to the cargo of your main ship. great. But it doesn't work on all cases:

Upgrade chest for exemple - cannot control+click the upgrade in there? Cannot move it to the warehouse automatically with the alt button either.

Can you make another shortcut to make that easier for the upgrades from your warehouse to the upgrade chest? why not Shift+alt+click to move an upgrade to your upgrade chest?

4) User Interface too big...

You cannot fit all the windows at once on the UI. 1920 x 1080 isn't big enough. You at least need 1440p to be confortable.

Is there a way to reduce the User Interface please?

5) Doublons Chest Not big enough

I do remember doublons replacing Combat Medals. Combat medals was gain by 100th. So reaching 10 000 was not easy.
But with doubs today people are spending alot. Whether it's for investements trade you definfetly need more that 10 000. Just see the price of a seasoning shed or a shipyard level 3.

How anoying is it having to teleport and spend 12 doublons to move around doublons?

Please make the doublons chest bigger. That'll make trading much easier.

I hope you take note of my suggestion because there will make the game so much more appeasing. I hope I'll have some support of some players to my post but I feel like this needed to be said.

May the wind be with you

Kind Regards.

Paulo de Antigua



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just look at this tho

On 3/26/2020 at 10:51 AM, Nixolai said:

@admin I would like to see that players like me, with a normal 1920 x 1080 resolution, can change the size of the game interface (Size of map, leaderboard and so on). If you notice people with 4k monitors have their stuff much smaller, than people like me.

This is a 4k monitor or so will i guess, you can see the stuff on the screen is much smaller (map, crew handling and leaderboard)



Then you can see this... which is much lower resolution than a 1920 x 1080.



Im asking if there is a possibility of making a slider in the graphics settings, where i can change the size of this.


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