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Admiraal de Ruyter not dropping a note

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To whom it may concern

Today (saturday 6/6/20) I capped an event de Ruyter. Upon inspection, I noticed that the de Ruyter did not drop the note, but instead dropped a book and a wood chest. Is this possible, or is this a bug? Every player that I have spoken to, only got a note from the ship, never a chest. 

Don't get me wrong, it is nice to get the chest, but since I'm doing the event especially to get de Ruyters, I was just wondering... Could anyone clarify this for me?

Thank you in advance!

Greetings, Big Nico

ps go easy on me, it's my first forum post ;)


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This actually isn't to bad, cause it gives us folks that aren't able to have big groups to do Privateer fleets to get a chance at a chest.   

7 hours ago, Cetric de Cornusiac said:

Swap with someone who has the note, perhaps he has opposite preference. :)

I moved a ship on PvE server to one of the zones....dangit I plan to get one note even if it means only on that server lol

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