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La Fregate La Zenobie 4th rate 52 gun

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Hey here is some technical drawings for this french 52 gun 4th rate i found, did a search and it is not on this forum so here it is. I thought the constitution and trincomalee could use more buddies.







Could you find some info on it's history?

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The Zenobia is same plans to the Poursuivant frigate.


This is the frigate of 2nd rank of 52-gun

1st rank = 60-gun 30-pdr
2nd rank = 52-gun 24-pdr


Coming from the Commission de Paris (1824). It is start of construction in 1828 at Toulon, and it is launched only in 1847.

It is a square stern frigate. The shape of the hull is a little different than requested by the Commission de Paris.

The plans, above, come from the Atlas de la Marine.

Lenght from rabbet to rabbet = 52.500mm
Breadth = 13.400m
Depth = 7.050m
Maine-deck= 28-gun long-pattern 24-pdr
Quarterdeck & forecastle =  24 carronades 22-pdr + 2-gun  short-pattern 18-pdr


Unfortunately I have nothing about its history, but maybe someone can help us?

This frigate has perhaps done nothing in his life ...

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1844 and 1847 is way to late sadly  even if they where laid down just shortly after the end of the 1820 +-5 timeline end.

there is another french heavy frigate that still fits into timeline but only still.

i think it was the class that brough napoleon back to france after he died.

something around 1824-1826 it was.

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You must mention the frigate Belle-Poule. it is this that has brought the frigate stripped of Napoleon in France.

It is not in the period of the game.

Frigate to 1st rank 60-guns 30-pdr


1827-1861 (launched in 1834)

Mr. Boucher (type plan Paris de Commission 1824)

At Cherbourg

30-gun 30-pdr

28 carronades 30-pdr

2-gun 18-pdr

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Here in the French forum :

Frégate de 1er rang de 60 canons la Belle-Poule.


1827-1861 (lancée en 1834)

M. Boucher (plan type Commission de Paris 1824)


30 canons de 30

28 caronades de 30

2 canons de 18









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Otherwise, there is a series of eight 50-gun frigates. Has built since 1793.

160 '- 70' - 17'5 "

2042 tx

411 crew

30-gun 24-pdr

20-gun 8-pdr

There are plans Forte and a model of the Egyptian

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1830  ;)




1600-1830 hard limit

1690-1790 preferred





Current alpha ship line up is from the late period 1750-1830ish. 








Glorious Age of Sail sums it up very nicely. The only problem it is a different period for everyone.
What we know is where we end. Just before times of heavy standardization and appearance of iron sides and engines - around 1830
Where we start we don't know exactly.




Or it could be 1830+/-5 ^_^



But i guess nothing is set in stone.

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