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VP Homeland Defense Fleets bugged?

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Few days back (26.05.2020) we were chasing Russian Rattvissan (Teak (S) / White Oak (S)) From Fort Zoutman to Willemstad. He sailed directly into Willemstad capital zone (North of the island) and sailed past 5 or 6 VP Homeland Defense Fleets, and none of them tagged him. He wasn't fast at all.

Today, I was at french coast on a Bermuda (S) / Mahogany (S) Trinco, full speed upgrades (14,46 kt), and I wasn't able to escape French Homeland Defense Fleet, neither going upwind, nor downwind.

This got me thinking if perhaps the VP Homeland Defense Fleets are bugged somehow? 

I attach video from that situation below.

This the ship, he was on:



And that is the ship I was on today, which was not fast enough to escape the French Fleets:



Is this, what is seen on the video, a normal and expected Homeland Defense Fleet behavior? 




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The only thing I can think of is perhaps he was a low enough rank to be under-crewed in the Rattv to where the BR is below 100. Dunno if that is possible, but being under-crewed does change BR.


But then you got into battle and he had 510. That really is weird. Where can I get a Rattvisan like this?

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Does these fleets "see" you in bad weather? (when you don't see them?) I think they should not.

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There were no changes in homeland defence fleet, most likely the NPC that was chasing the player lagged behind due to wind position. We will monitor for similar reports from players, don’t forget to F11 if you face a similar problem

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