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Cetric de Cornusiac

"Fleeing" NPC can ruin battle mission

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Battle mission, up to 3 players rank 3 versus 3x NPC rank 3 and 7x rank 5.

All went well and all NPC except a Belle Poule are sunk. This last ship starts fleeing and two players start chasing after, for 37 minutes, without catching up. NPC frigate just flees, like it was a trader (without vanishing).

Result: battle mission failed.


Now, I have nothing against NPC behavior resembling human behavior, also in terms of fleeing when the odds are against them (which human captain would return and fight against two rank 3?).

BUT, I think this should register as completed battle mission, not failed. Fact is, the enemy was beaten. If there is a survivor fleeing the battle it does not change anything about the engagement ending with being a victory. Thus, we need the game to calculate situations like this differently. If NPC warship sails away until battle is over, not placing a single shot for such long time, it should score as defeat for NPC, not player.



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No loki. This happened on pve peace server and we have loki runes disabled. Rank of the NPC also did not change, which was an indicator if someone took over a NPC ship by loki.

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