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Sea-Noob with a Big Dream

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Hello Everyone,

I have never actually played Naval Action despite being a backer :( Long development, many U-turns and uncertain future were the main reasons behind my decision over the years. Today I know this time was wasted.. I would love to start playing now but I feel a little lost. I hope it's still not too late...

Could you please answer the below questions? They will help me decide how I want to embark on this adventure! 

My expectations:
- In the long run, I would love to own L'Ocean and Santissima Trinidad.
- I would mainly want to fight my way to fortune and glory.
- I don't mind being a Pirate.. ;)

My questions:
1. Should I start sailing on a PvE or PvP server?
2. Am I better off alone or in a Guild?
3. What nation do you advise me to play as to make acquisition of the above Ships-of-the-Line easier?

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks in advance!

- Belphe

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1: What you search of the game ,

-sailing only ship and make fight only vs ia = Pve server

-Make fight vs other player and make pve too = pvp server

2: The game is pretty hard alone , for build ship for example alone you need multiple day and mine/forest/farm/ect for have all component , in guild everyone contribute for bring ressources make everyone can have ship when he need ( still depending witch clan you join)+ Guild will make more big fight , pve in groupe ect ect:

I would say for start its better to join a clan , and when you learn the game , choose if you want to stay in a clan or start to play you corsaire life!

3: Nation depending on many factor, some nation are more easy cause they got more port and player ( russian/british for example).

But nation will not interact on the acquisition of any ship.
You can buy all ship you want from other player when you start get money in game , clan can craft you ship , or you can cap ia ship/player ship in battle.

I hope i answer you question.


Krol sekiro 1st 

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PvE peace server certainly is the place where you meet your goals, sailing the largest ships, sooner. And with less frustrations caused by resets (by player interference).

Still, prepare to play for a long time before you can assemble enough crew for First Rates. First you need to advance through the ranks. But that is no lost time. Each ship class has its charms.

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20 hours ago, Cathal Brugha said:

La Navasse is where you get ripped off, it just is the major meeting point so there are many things available. But the prices are better anywhere else.

I said 'it's were you get the best price for stuff'

and if you're helping the OP were are theses places exactly as with over 100 ports on the map it would help him :)

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