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Is there a log of our matchups in the Naval Academy?  Every time I start a battle it's against a different ship build, and I'd like to see what the builds of both my ship and enemy ship in previous matchups were.


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In the first 3 battleship battles I faced one with torpedoes in the first battle, another with 330? main guns in the second, and one with 229 main guns in the third. I can't remember anything about secondaries, armor, speed, ranging systems, etc.  I can't remember what kind of damage I gave to or received from each.   

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Here is a question that could help us improve Naval Academy missions.

Random AI builds aim to increase replayability of missions and the uncertainty of what kind of enemy you will face (if you know your enemy 100%, then you find the optimal design once and beat the missions easily and consistently until you get bored of them).

Would you like better to have more constant AI enemies? Enemies that you can more easily predict their strength?

Moving the question to the poll here:


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19 hours ago, HusariuS said:

Yes, because AI doesn't have "fixed" designs, each time you launch the same mission, you will see completely new designs created by AI.


Sure, which is fine.  But since we can't review/study the enemy ships or battle log it's harder to decide whether success/failure is a result of your ship design, or just the luck of the matchup.  If you make an adjustment the next battle is against a different ship, so you can't really evaluate your design adjustments or the differences between your opponents.  


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