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HMS Agamenon was Nelson favorite ship though, right? 



Not to say we shouldn't have HMS Temeraire in game. We're talking the 90ish (98?) gun 2nd rate, right? Of the famous painting? 

 I agree Agamemnon was Nelson's favourite ship( currently displayed at the poll post about the ships to be voted in order to add to the game)


Temeraire was the ship that saved Victory from Redoutable's boarding at Trafalgar.

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Built at Chatham DockyardTemeraire entered service on the Brest blockade with the Channel Fleet. Missions were tedious and seldom relieved by any action with the French fleet. The first incident of note came when several of her crew, hearing rumours they were to be sent to the West Indies at a time when peace with France seemed imminent, refused to obey orders. This act of mutiny eventually failed and a number of those responsible were tried and executed. Laid up during the Peace of AmiensTemeraire returned to active service with the resumption of the wars with France, again serving with the Channel Fleet, and joined Horatio Nelson's blockade of the Franco-Spanish fleet in Cadiz in 1805. At the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October, the ship went into action immediately astern of Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory. During the battle Temeraire came to the rescue of the beleaguered Victory, and fought and captured two French ships, winning public renown in Britain.

After undergoing substantial repairs, Temeraire was employed blockading the French fleets and supporting British operations off the Spanish coasts. She went out to the Baltic in 1809, defending convoys against Danish gunboat attacks, and by 1810 was off the Spanish coast again, helping to defend Cadiz against a French army. Her last action was against the French off Toulon, when she came under fire from shore batteries. The ship returned to Britain in 1813 for repairs, but was laid up. She was converted to a prison ship and moored in the River Tamar until 1819. Further service brought her to Sheerness as a receiving ship, then avictualling depot, and finally a guard ship. The Admiralty ordered her to be sold in 1838, and she was towed up the Thames to be broken up.


Class & type: Neptune-class ship of the line Tons burthen: 2,1205894 (bm) Length: 185 ft (56 m) (gundeck)
152 ft 8 in (46.53 m) (keel) Beam: 51 ft 2 in (15.60 m) Depth of hold: 21 ft 6 in (6.55 m) Sail plan: Full-rigged ship Complement: 738 Armament: 98 guns:

Gundeck: 28 × 32-pounder guns
Middle gundeck: 30 × 18-pounder guns
Upper gundeck: 30 × 18-pounder guns
Quarterdeck: 8 × 12-pounder guns

Forecastle: 2 × 12-pounder guns


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Turners painting of her is one of my favourites. It's funny though that she was known as "The Fighting Temeraire" and yet she only participated in the one battle. Just goes to show what first impressions can do for a ship! Eliab Harvey certainly used her to her strengths and it can be argued that if not for her then the Victory may have been taken or placed in extreme jeopardy.

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By the way HMS Foudroyant (80) was one of Nelsons favourite ships (as quoted in a letter to Emma Hamilton) and the one that he most likely conceived his daughter Horatia on. This being said if you read Nelsons letters then you will see that he is highly enthusiastic about many ships saying that they are his favourite. He does quote HMS Agamemnon as being his favourite ship and refuses a 74 on several occasions so it is arguably his favourite ship with that representation. I would say that HMS Agamemnon was his most successful ship as he really did make it the best fighting unit of the Mediterranean.

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Here I found the picture of a model of the HMS Temeraire. If I found something better, I'll upload it.


Bow port view



Stern port view



Side view



The only side view that I found for this model, probably the room was to small to take a full side picture.

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Original name: le Téméraire

General plan of 1782 by J.-N. Sané

Laid down in june 1781

Launched in 17-12-1782

Struck of lists in 1809 (for French list)

Built by J.-N. Sané

Place of building: Brest

Other names : none in French


Length x breadth x depht in hold

172'x 44'6"x 22' (Pied du roi)

55,87m x 14,455m x 7,146m

Deplacement: 3069 tx 1606 li

Artillery of origin:

1st deck - 2nd deck - 3rd deck - F'c'sl/Q'deck

28x36-pdr - 30x18-pdr - 16x8-pdr

total: 74

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