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Dear Devs,

imo you’re doing a great job with the game so far!

As I understand both campaigns are finished in terms of the number of missions they contain, right?

Is there anything more content to come until release (e.g. new ship models or gameplay features or types of battle implemented)?

Or do you intend to focus entirely on fixing bugs and smoothing things?

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3 hours ago, sterner said:

We focus on bugs and localization. 

It might be a bit too early to ask, but I’ll try it nonetheless:

Do you already know if the success of the game allows you to produce future dlcs like ...

- a French campaign or ...

- a Campaign editor?

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+1 for any campaign DLC especially a French and/or Spanish one.

Also could it be possible to give the players and option to display crew & troops to the real scale (1:1) ?

I mean, the troop numbers are rather low compared to the previous titles of the Ultimate Generals serie so I am not sure we still need a diminished scale this time.

Also thank you for this great game, this is already very enjoyable and i am having a lot of fun with it ! Can't wait to see more of it :) !

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