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Me, Tosch and Admaa stumbled upon this polish player being attacked on the OW by 2 russian players and joined the battle on the polish side.

Once we entered it was clear they were friends and tried to lure us in to a false battle.

In the chat logs the polish player talks about not helping the fight.

He fired a full broadside on me as friendly fire and also deliberatly came in between me and his friends to ram of my bow sprit.

Occasionally he fired into their masts from long distance to "prove" he was on our side...

The 2 russian players did not fire a single shot at him the entire battle which lasted 40 minutes.

He then looted the sunk ship of the first of his friends to go down and his other friend ran into him to get boarded because he was losing the fight.

After which he captured it and left the battle probably to give it back to his friend.

Here are the chat logs






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