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British campaign: The battle of the Saintes

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After the recent update I noticed that the British campaign doesn’t feature the Battle of the Saintes.

That’s a pity imo!

I‘d like to have it ingame as a sort of happy end to the lost American Revolutionary War - a final reckoning with the French, concerning thier support to the USA so to speak.

I think that such a mission could be done similar to the Cheasepeake of the American campaign:

- story line:

after the evacuation of Savanna our chosen admiral to be sails to English Harbour (Antigua). There he stays with the british fleet to fight Compte de Grasse in the above mentioned battle.

- gameplay / mission:

let us attack the French vanguard or rearguard with the fleet we have accomplished to muster during the previous missions ...

and add a few SOL to our command temporarily to get this mission accomplished (this would be similar to the Cheasepeake gameplay, just on a smaller scale)

What do you think?

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