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How to change colors in Chat window

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enemyCapture.JPG.32ffc2ebdc44b60482e5d7ce45ae06db.JPGFor some users of the game it might be useful to change the standard white color with other colors within the chat window as shown in the examples below. 



To do so, you must change the language file of your choice. in this example the English location file.

1.) go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages"

2.) rename the "_English.csv" file to (for instance) - "English_color.csv". it's important not use the underscore in front of the file. this file is also then selected in game.

3.) open the renamed file with a text editor like notepad++ or similar.

edit now the text messages you want to change

for group invite it would be then:

"ChatControl/ContactContextMenu/GroupInvite",<color=green>"Group Invite"</color>

for the combat news:

"OW/CombatChat/PlayerSankPlayer","<color=red>{0}</color> sank <color=green>{1}.</color>"
"OW/CombatChat/PlayerBoardedPlayer","<color=red>{0}</color> boarded <color=green>{1}.</color>"
"OW/CombatChat/PlayerSankPlayerNearPort","<color=red>{0}</color> sank <color=green>{1}</color> near <color=yellow>{2}.</color>"
"OW/CombatChat/PlayerBoardedPlayerNearPort","<color=red>{0}</color> boarded <color=green>{1}</color> near <color=yellow>{2}.</color>"



Sail Status information:


4.) save the file

5.) select the file in the language file options in game.

this is just an example what you can do and have fun when being creative.

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