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Wind rose / compass / wind direction /

De wind rose in the game points the wrong way imho. On every sailboat i have ever stept de wind direction meter points to where the wind is Coming from not where the wind is going. In fact a stil to be observed famous wind rose on the Central station in Amsterdam the Netherlands has exactly the same system. The arrow points in the direction the wind is coming from. So wy is it in this game the opposite? and even more interestingly wy cant we change it. This messes up my brain totally with the experience of a lifetime sailing all kinds of ships. ( i am a captain on a non sailing vessel now, but same rules apply).


same system is used worldwide on churchtowers, maps, digital winddirection meters on boats etc etc..  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_rose

You also say or ask in almost every language where the wind is coming from not where it is blowing to. SO North East wind means de wind comes from the North East not the other way around.

Can we get an adaptable version of the wind rose so i can let the point of the arrow point in the wind direction please? ( i keep sailing backwards).

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