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New feature proposals - Proposals on too many nations issue?


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Dynamic mechanic that enforce alliances between nations in the same "Core alliance" when it is needed. Basically merging single nations into larger alliance nations when needed. The main idea here is the logic and not the specific number values/thresholds.

Base idea:

  • Divide all the nations we have (12?) into 3 or more "core alliances", based some what on historical alliances if possible.
  • Core alliances should only take effect / be enabled when one or more of the nations in a core alliance needs it.
  • 1 nation in each core alliance is locked in as "big brother" and can not leave no mater how many captured ports it has. This should be a "safe nation" with many un-capturable ports so it can not get one ported on it's own. 
  • When a single nation that is not locked in the core alliance hold 5+ captured ports it should be forced out of the "Core alliance" and have to fend for it's self!  Maybe it should hold it continuously for 7 days. 
  • Threshold for a nation to re-enter the core alliance could be when it loses all captured ports.

    Comfort features that really should be considered:
  • Notifications to the players involved in a nation and the alliance if they are about to leave or if they are back in a the core alliance (in game mail). 
  • When the sum of an core alliance captured ports drops below a certain threshold they should get RvR break.
    (Capturable ports held by core alliance) / (nations active in core alliance) < 5 = RvR break for a week! :D

    The historical core alliances idea is based on the suggestion devs came with maybe a year ago, when some forced historical-ish alliances where proposed. I do not remember what nations where allied to each other, but if it is dynamic I do not care. No fun kicking people that are down anyway..

    I suggest 3 core alliances specifically to avoid that the hole server gets locked into 2 blob alliances. We had that the last time and it limited OW PvP and RvR a lot so I would like to avoid this if possible.


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Major Problem

too many nation → only major nation have player base → small nation player unable to have resources and keep port →  unable to build quality ships and level up → player leave → big nation only getting stronger and bigger, until player are tired or have disagreement to each other. 


Just My Little Dream: other way besides Alliance

My idea is make RVR to Clan basic not National basic if you like to keep and add as many nation in game as possible?  
let nation just a select for spawn area, and different regions(nation) have different special local product. just let player choice what they want to specialized.

reason why nation really doesn't matter in game :
1. Investment is basic on clan not nation, and big nation have zombie clan, most player in that clan already leave the game or nation, but they still control the major port.
3. clan dislike other clan or national player, so they change nation to contest port.

4. many clan have deal with other nation clan to dominate territory, or help other nation to defend port.
5. Russia almost have half of port in map. ppl don't like to get rape cause more clan join Russia.
6. map is unbalanced, some nation don't have port to grind 1-3 rate, and some nation able to grind very easily to get more CM and get more stronger.


historical accuracy already getting more unrealistic in Naval Action, 
so could we have International clan in pvp server? even civil war(only PB). other nation mechanism is fine, keep OW PVP only for nation to nation.

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The problem with all these nations are that they are mirrored and basically the same except the flags. Also when one nation is battered to a certain point, players either quit the game or change nation, because they have no chance fighting back in therms of numbers. I can only assume removing nations would be impossible, and there actually are some nations that can rectify having a relevant appearance in the Caribbean.

My proposal is something like this, where you have a hard set alliances, quick thinking this feels the most accurate and balanced one at the same time. Nations are actually nations while pirates are actually pirates. Nations equip their own flag when entering the battle to bring more colors into the battlefield

What i would love to do though is to have the chance as a nation to add pirate clans to the clan friends list so they can either attack or defend a port helping a nation, would only work for RvR, back into OW its free game. This can of course lead up to pirates vs pirates in port battles, but what wont they do for money.

Pirates should be pirates, they should have their own pirate alliances, but create outlaw battles if they attack other pirates, both ai and players

Also the only way to become a pirate should be if you as national attacks a friendly ai or player, of course with a strict warning in big red letters on the screen, but here is the actually logical thing with the forged papers that fakes your identity so you can start again in a nations navy (with same as today, current rank etc)


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Now after the game release it will be hard to find a sollution for too many nation issue.  Adding China nation definitely didnt help it.

Personally, I don't like the nation system on War Server. I will always support clan based game. Nations should stay only on "Peace" server . 

If i see the propostions of making forced alliances my reaction looks like this >  🤢. It`s sandbox and game dont force cooperation  beetwen nations/ clans/ players that hate each other.

From my point of view we should have one big nation "Neutral" that have a several ports in various places on map. Then players can form the clans that are able to fight over the rest of ports, act like a nation and can ally with eachother.

Less drastic solution was proposed here:

2 hours ago, rediii said:


Its hard to predict if it will work as should it. We will always have a "zerg" nation like russia and dead like Poland its all depend on clans. At least  the small ones will get the support in form of positive modifiers. If propsition of "national modifiers and corruption" win I hope we will get firstly another thread to post our ideas for national moddifers

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политика, которая существует в игре не укладывается в реализованную систему наций. люди может и перешли бы в другую нацию-альянс, но они не могут забрать свою имущество (порты и апгрейды) с собой.

forged papers вообще были ошибочным решением, чехарда с никнеймами, смена альянса за деньги, странно и нетипично для MMO

малой кровью ничего с этом сделать нельзя, только адмиралтейств наставить во фри порты.

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Clan vs Clan, royal rumble, free to attack each other.

 the flags of the nations are only for aesthetics, using the flags that we have now.
The clan leaders decide which flag to hoist and that will be shown on the map and in ow on the ship when you click on it to see who is.
While in battle, each player, using various flag dlc, will choose his own.

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I propose a change in nations...of ai !

Reduce ai nations to just 2

1) white (neutral) ai in instances (missions , pb etc). Rules: same as now

2) red ( call them carribean, native ...or whatever) ai in open world. 

Rules: they must be made unattractive on pvp while nothing but flag changes in pve.

Result: more PvP on PvP server, more targets on PvE server. How to make them unattractive on PvP ? I don't play there , so I have to leave that to devs, but: very little loot, longer open battles, an exp modifier (.1 x exp)......smthg like that.

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Remove hard coded nations ( In KPR, La Tortue were all sorts of sailors of many nationalities. Make this game international)
Therefore clans can be formed from players of different nationalities.

Instead introduce clan wars. Clans can form alliances members of which may join (or not join) wars.
If clan doesnt like where the alliance is going it may simply leave the alliance.

To balance RVR:
a) allow clan to have a war with only one other clan at a time
b) only one port of any one clan may be attacked at a time (prevents multi flips)
c) clan may own only one port

OW politics:
Introduce diplomacy system through flags on the ship's masts, e.g. when you look at another player's ship through spyglass you will see he has a red flag. It tells you that your clan is at war with this player's clan. If you see green flag - his clan is friendly to yours. If you see blue flag his clan is in alliance with yours. Grey/white - neutral. This will help somewhat regulate OW engagements and politics

Add pirate content:
Today and always the most nation that is picked on is pirates. Remove pirates as a nation, but give them ability to privateer and join other alliances to join their RVR wars. Remove pirate owned ports, instead give them Pirate Hideouts (dens) where they can have a shop and docks (cant build)

To balance RVR introduce PROPER Raiding system:
Because clans may only have one port, allow them to attack ports as Raid. Not to own it, but to plunder. The attacker who gets the port will get temporary ownership of it during the plunder. During the temporary ownership, all resources that established in that port produced at no cost to the attacker. Its their job to organize convoys and pull the resources out during the plunder

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@admin I assume  map reset would be an option in this nations clean up? Otherwise, I see no way to do it properly.

Anyway, to proposal ... I'll keep it short and will add a few more comments later.

Basically the idea is to merge all the minor nation in one generic nation, which can be called Aspiring Colonial Powers (or such). These will be all nations aside from Brits, France, VP, Spain, and US. So, once joining such a nation, player can choose a flag / minor nation (the old smuggler mechanics could work perhaps?) and go on the loose. Players should be able to switch flag within such a nation once a month or so (to avoid exploits), but this should not require DLC. 

I will cut this short for now, but I hope you can see that such a nation creates a play ground for clan wars and still allow an option for challenging major nations. I would strongly suggest to still limit the conquest by such minor nations, e.g., by max number of ports/regions each minor nation can control. Such an approach will allow players to sail under their nation flag if even they do not hold ports. Sort of national pirates, if you like.

As for pirates, it is a separate topic, but they should not be a major nation with all the attributes.


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I personally don't care about the historical accuracy of nations in the Caribbean (the Chinese flags are dope looking) but what would be ideal in my opinion follows.

  • All nations are grouped in to 3 Alliances based on Pop of nations and Nations would just be a flag you fly. 
    • Perhaps you could have Russia and their allies in one Alliance against the forces of Nato and a third Alliance made up of the smaller nations and privateer style nations like Poland, China, Pirate. Just an idea but in reality a 3 way split of the player pop would likely be best


  • Nations become the Alliances and Clans become the Nations (this would require a reduction of nations)
    • decentralize the power of nations allowing individual clans to become sovereign rulers of their ports with a loose allegiance to their countrymen.

These are just the two ideas that have been floating around my head for the past year or so. There is no doubt technical and pragmatic issues with implementing either option but I think on the whole the goal should be to strike a balance between "More targets for PvP" and "Allies for RvR". Good luck and the next patch looks cash money.

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