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New Feature Proposals - Art and other various featurs. (Not related to combat, RVR, DLC or Economy)


Please post your ideas related to ART, Texts, localization, and other issues not related to RVR, Combat, Economy and DLC proposals. 

Standard rules apply.

Please propose your ideas in the following way.

  • 1 Post = 1 Proposal.
    • Players will vote on 1 proposals only. Multiple proposals will mix different subjects and confuse.
    • Multitiered or multi subject proposals will be removed.
  • Keep the proposals on the topic subjects
  • Do not comment. The thread is for proposals only
  • If you want to improve on other people proposals contact them so they can update the post. 
  • Best proposals will be brought up by the system based on likes and we will comment on them once in a while. Proposals which dont get community attention will be ignored and will sink to the bottom.


Example of formatting 
Correct example

  • Cannon crafting proposals
    • Cannon crafting change rationale
    • Cannon crafting current version and whats wrong
    • Proposal on cannon crafting change

Incorrect version

One post 

  • Cannon crafting proposal (should be a separate in a economy section)
  • Trading proposal (should be a separate post in an economy section)
  • Hostility proposal (should be a separate post in RVR section)
  • DLC ship proposal (should be a separate post in DLC section
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Top Posters For This Question

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When pressing F at open sea to open "Fleet", i would like to see a thing, that shows what kind of books you have applied to the current ship. Example: a player might forget if he has marines or s

Would be awesome to hear a whistle and the rumble of drums when you start to tag another ship. If sailing in a group it would be helpful for them if they hear that sound as well.

release admiraal de ruyter for everyone    ( permit drops  i dont care how it drops it up to the development team to balance that )

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Interface rework. Improve usability, make frequently used operations automatic (repair, replenishment and distribution of command). You don't need to point the mouse to know the number of necessary repairs and the module name among the same icons. Loading of repairs not in "pieces" but in "cycles".

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Clan Warehouse Interface

-Be able to ban an object from being deposited in to CWH, by item in each category (resource, material etc)


realized I was in wrong category, please remove

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In General, you can do a lot of cool functions. I would like to see in the game such features as the rollback of guns after a salvo;the crew, which will also be on the ship's yards; think about the model of the ship's captain (of course, here you can offer you to make some bonuses for the captain, but this will affect the gameplay) 


Signal flags:

  • signal flags of the clan;
  • signal flags of the nation;
  • signal flags for the player;

If not signal flags, then you can make a designation on the sails:

  • clan tags;
  • marker of the player;
  • nation tags;

changing colors on the minimap:

  • change the colors of your allies;
  • change the background of the minimap;
  • change the colors of the enemy;
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Speed Boost zone rather than a flat boost.

The maximum boost would apply in the center of a zone with a decreasing bonus as one moves away from the center of the zone. 

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Whaling: I don't know if this is even realistic to ask for but might I ask for a new game mode (don't know what to call it). Whaling was a huge part of the world at this time.

Maybe introduce some whaling ships or a mod for ships/trade ships that allows them to go whaling? I don't know if it's viable to do a combat style event with the player getting put into a gunboat and an AI taking over the ship. Said gunboat would have the bow chaser cannon replaced with a harpoon icon or something? I'm thinking the only actual coding/programming would have to be the whales themselves.

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