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I don't know if someone else has posted something similar, but I was wondering where we could post ideas that the development team could take under review? An area of the forums where we can post something and have you update the status to "Under review/Consideration/Denied or Rejected" with maybe a reply on why it's good or bad.


That being said, I would recommend a few things in game that might fill in more of the world immersion.

1: Whaling, Age of sail was full of it, from off the coast of US to off the coast of South America.  Maybe have some whaling ships imported or have a refit/mod for trade ships that lets you go out and go whaling? Or Fishing even.  Could use the same "battle fight scene area" like a battle, except instead of cannons, have there be an option to load harpoons or something. Then a rendering station or something at Port that could give oil or such for shipbuilding materials.

2: Figureheads: gotta admit I would kill to be able to change out the Figureheads on a lot of the ships in game. Yes the stock ones that they come with are awesome but seeing 30 centaurs in a PB is weird. They had lions and mermaids and such, this could probably even come out as a $5 DLC and it would get snapped up fast.

3: Custom ship names: Nothing bugs me like seeing a fleet of 74s and all the names are Redoubtable or Bellona. Where's HMS Mars or Thunderer? (Those were just examples, not saying we need those ships). I recommend using the same naming algorithms as you would with chat restrictions so you don't get those troll names or weird characters to make a smiley or some such.


Sorry I filled up so much on here.

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