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marines and muscets at close range

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As a praposed aid to stop little ships stern camping bigger ships with carronades. during battle, muskets when in range  should automaticicly be used by marines and boarding parties  organised.

on level deck ships even at veryclose range this would have minimul affect on crew fatalies over as most gunmen would be on the weather deck using cover. however big ship on a little ship would be quite devevasting as the lower ship would have no cover have no cover as bullet rain down from above.

I am dyslexic so please excuse spelling and grammer

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12 hours ago, Sea Archer said:

This has been proposed several times, but it seems to be not on @admin priority list. I hope it will come some day like water depth and ships draft...

it doesnt suprise me i wasnt the first  to suggest it and yes me too. thanks for the reply

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