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Dear Devs!

We have 3 usables for our ships... missing the 4th one.

U forgot The Sauerkraut!

Famous Captain James Cook used it and brought his Expeditions to success.

Instead of Rum SK should be in hold to recover from crew losses. The cabbage has to be farmed with a new building.

In future Rum could be used to buff morale and influence some skills positive and some negative, such as the way the different alcoholic upgrades do it permanent. Rum or other alcs could do it with timer.

Here u find the historic background:


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2 hours ago, Yorkshire Studding said:

Not sure if trolling or serious.... but I love it anyway. :D

Thanks York! OK... i was kidding a bit with the topics title.  Of cause Sauerkraut will not save this game.

But my suggestion is ment serious.

Did u read the historic background? 


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8 hours ago, Peter von Friedemach said:

Did u read the historic background? 

I did not actually, but I am aware that cabbage and similar crops were used to prevent scurvy and other deficiancies with high success.

So I think that you are actually right about the part that makes Sauerkraut a more logical solution for healing crew than rum... but I think something like "medical supplies" would be even more suited. ;)

I would welcome it to see even all three in the game, to make crew handling some more realistic, Rum like you already proposed, Sauerkraut/Cabbages as Scurvy-Debuff-prevention, and medicine to rep crew. But game is not trying to be that realistic in that matter, sadly.

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