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Ship images or 3d models for identification chart?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make a visual identification chart (mostly a book) for open world captains (I haven't found anything like that), but i need sides, aft and front views from every ship in the game. Does anyone know where could I find them? Also, if there is any way to view 3d models of the ships (something like the Cold Water's ship museum), I'll need to find the unique visual characteristics of every ship.

Screenshots from the game could work, but it'd be better to have cleaner images.

Thanks in advance!

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you could also make some sort of diagram / flow chart, that checks features of the boat in question, i.e. number of masts, number of gundecks, number of sails / mast, bowfigure, decorations/nameplate on the stern, ...      that can probably fit on 1 page that you can have printed next to your keyboard - a whole book of pictures (while more realistic) isnt gonna be as easy to use.

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You're right, in games like Silent Hunter or Cold Waters players have time enough to check the book, but in NA most enemies appear from nowhere and attack you in less than a minute.  It's a good idea to make the flow diagram, but i don't have that ship knowledge yet. I'll try to!

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I guess you're going for something like the Silent Hunter Recognition Book - so something like this - http://archive.hnsa.org/doc/id/fm30-50-naval/index.htm - (click the numbers to view each).


In that case best realistic thing is probably:




If you are however looking for an ingame image of each ship we would probably have to put that together. Bear in mind that paint variety can on some ships seriously confuse less experienced players which this would be aimed at (there is a thread somewhere detailing all the paints for all ships) . I would however say, that the ship side view you get in the equipment window is probably your best bet to keep things simple.

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