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No Updates from Xsolla


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I purchased the Alpha version last August from Xsolla. In reading the topics here I noticed the mention of updates. when I load the game and go to news I notice the last update was 12/19.  Is this correct? I have ver 1.6.38.

Also, when I purchased the game I received an email from Xsolla to download the game with a a message about bonus DRM keys.  I do not know what that is to be used for.  

Last, is there any way to get the game transferred to Steam or will I always have to use the Xsolla launcher?

Thanks for any help. Sorry about some newbie questions.

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Greetings Admiral.

Regarding news in Xsolla launcher there is no bug, the latest patch notes are posted on discord and Steam forums. (the game itself is up to date in Xsolla launcher)

There should be mail from Xsolla with the Steam Key, please make sure to check junk/spam folder. In case you cannot find it, please follow this guide:

If you have not received the key and link to download after the payment and you checked the junk/spam folder, please, contact Xsolla support directly, and they will resolve the problem with you.

Contact Details:

If you do not find a solution with Xsolla, email us at ink@navalaction.com and provide email address that was used to purchase and/or receipt number. We will make sure to fix it.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you.

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