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Now that the Devs have said they may go back into the Ironclad Age with UA:D (heard it somewhere, don't know where and it may be a April Fools), I am wondering, what about 1950s-1960s? Sverdlov, Des Moines and Tiger class cruisers, Battle class Destroyers, Vanguard class Battleships?

Maybe even into the early missile age, SeaCats, Terriers, P-15 Termit(SS-N-2 Styx)etc. Nothing like Exocets, Harpoons, Sea Darts or similar, 1970s-1980s missile tech. Just the early ones

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Plz no. Devs team is three (3) men.  I do not hope to see the game release in this year, and if add guided missiles in roadmap then there will be no release in the next decade. Damn I would like to play company,  not bequeath to do it my unborn grandchildren.

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I would probs say a hard cap at 1945 or 1950. Although going further than that would take a huge amount of dev time. So best to end at 1950 if you want moar future stuff.

That does mean targetting comps (analog), autoloading guns, more adv radar, sonar and hydrophonics plus engines would become avaliable.

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No no no please, no gentlemen no
already that the 1st and 2nd world war period is not realistic for the moment as long as the submarines, planes and aircraft carrier are not there.
developing this game for a period with helicopters, supersonic aircraft, electronic detection means and missile era would become incoherent.
staying in the iron clad pre-dreanought period, and sticking with it to make things as realistic and serious as possible seems smarter and above all possible in the long term, otherwise we will have an unfinished game, again

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Not worth it at all. There's plenty to do even in 40s alone. The game is very far from release yet. Some things should take priority. For example, here's a list of items that definitely should be implemented first:


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