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A longtime historical OOB error

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I'm wondering if @Nick Thomadis is aware of this in the base game, or if this is something that @JonnyH13 or @pandakraut could correct in their rebalance mod.


I'd like to bring a fairly minor (yet annoying) error in the Union order of battle to your attention. It exists in all historical scenarios regarding Gettysburg, including the smaller scenario battles of Devil's Den and Pickett's Charge. The problem is the brigade commanded by Brigadier General William Harrow in the 2nd Division, II Corps, is labelled as "BROOKE" in duplication of Colonel John Brooke's brigade in the 1st Division, II Corps.

This has personal significance to me, as my great-great-grandfather was in the 15th Massachusetts Regiment, which was in that brigade.


Would it be possible to have that corrected so the brigade is properly named "HARROW"?


Thank you very much.

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Thanks for replying. It looks to be any Gettysburg battle/scenario where the historic II Corps OOB is used. So the "Historical" Battle of Gettysburg and the "Custom" battles of Devil's Den and Pickett's Charge when using "scenario" armies. Since the II Corps was not present then, it is not included in Gettysburg Day 1, or the "Custom" battle of Culp's Hill.


Playing as the Confederates, it also seems to be present in the opposing Union troops at Gettysburg in the campaign.


Thank you once again.

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