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Deck mounted torpedo issues

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I just completed the "Cruisers wanted" mission.
I designed up a Heavy cruiser I hull with 4 x4 deck mounted torpedo launchers.

In the mission the launchers almost never actually launched 4 torps.
The first launch was zero fish, the second launch was 1 from two launches.
Only once I had only 1 of my 5 cruisers left, did I actually get 4 torps from two of the launches.


Here you can see the arrangement, if it makes a difference.

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Well, I'm here to report some of a different type. These two pictures should suffice to make the point:


I have 3 port and 3 starboard quintuple launchers, 15 torpedoes per side, 30 torpedoes in the tubes. When the ship launches, it launches THIRTY torpedoes and immediately loses FIFTEEN of them because they are not in the right direction.

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Admirals thank you for the reports. Both problems are known issues and eventually will be fixed within future updatesĀ 

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