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How will countries that changed work?

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Title might not be too clear but, main question is how will nations that changed drastically through the time period covered work? Best examples being the Chinese empire and the Russian empire. China basically exploded in the early 1900s and the Russian empire well, we all know who they became after WW1. Theres also the German Reich as well, what do others think this would work I'd love to know.

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8 hours ago, arkhangelsk said:

My personal suspicion is that we are pretending this is alternate history, so they won't happen as per history. 

This. All other options for a team of three men are completely unrealistic. I admit, I'm more interested  how developers will do countries  features.

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8 hours ago, Airzerg said:


I also want to be able to change flags for the countries in which they changed.


It is disgusting to build Soviet battleships with the imperial flag. Same thing with the Germans.  


Sorry for my bad english.


If it hadn't been for both losing in WW1, they would have kept those flags...at least for awhile longer. There's your alternate history. 

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