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Not receiving expected Port Bonuses in Baracoa



I hope this is the appropriate place to post this as I wanted to attach the screenshots.
Since the Pirate nation re-captured the port of Baracoa recently, my clan [K33N] has not been receiving any Port bonuses upon building ships in Baracoa.

The below screenshot is a ship I crafted in Baracoa today. (No Port Bonuses):


Both the current capturer (RHB) and K33N have each-other on Friendly Clans list. (See screenshot below).  The below screenshot was taken after RHB creator: Charles Weis and I (Captain BlackVane) attempted to re-add each-other in hopes to fix the issue which unfortunately did not fix it.



After this, I attempted to build another ship to test for Port Bonuses, but still no port bonuses:



After talking with RHB and relaying that we still were not receiving the Port Bonuses, Shannon Doc of RHB built a ship in Baracoa and sent us their result:



It seems K33N is just not receiving the Port Bonuses as expected (I cannot speak for other Pirate Friendly Clans) like we previously were. If this can be fixed it would be greatly appreciated, thank you for all you do!

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Tomorrow, existing port bonuses will be in after the next downtime for clans on the friendly list.  Owning clan only gets it the first day.


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Still nothing. Crafted a ship this morning with no PB's again.

Charles Weis is checking that its set to rights for Clans and Friends. I will just have to try again another reset I think.

6 hours ago, Ink said:

Also make sure the port owner set investment  rights for clans and friends


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