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Recruiting NOW

MONKS ist a US Nation Clan with more than 50 Players in US, EU and AUS timezone!

We communicate in english, although not everyone is a perfect speaker. Our way is to be considerate towards those who try.

Our main focus is PvP (Player versus Player) content - hunting in groups or alone - but we also engage in RvR (Realm versus Realm), the port conquest. PvE (Player versus Environment) is not actively pursued. Our logistics group is well organized by a couple of volunteers but everyone contributes to the clan.

We are looking for players that are interested in PvP. You don´t have to be a pro, all we ask for is a will to learn and a readiness to go out there and pump iron into enemy hulls. Learning alongside others is fun!

We have a strtuctured recruiting process. You have to register on our discord, this is our platform for organization and announcements. You will sail with us for a couple of weeks so a lot of people in the clan have a chance to meet you. We want to protect our jolly and effective battlegroup from any type of toxic, disruptive, unteachable or simply incompatible person. They all exist in video games, but we don´t want them to play with us. We want to protect the fun of playing this game.

You are interested in PvP, feel mentally older than 18, are using Discord and Teamspeak and are able to communicate in a group?

Ask for a MONKS member ingame to start the recruiting process!


Stay healthy and best wishes

Sir Loorkon

Commander (Komtur)

Flagge Monks_emoji test.png

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Indeed MONKS are always nice to fight against. Though they are a bit of a wildcard. Sometimes we steamroll them, sometimes we are the ones that get trashed... :D

Just be wary, a few of them tend to really hold on to old grudges... :ph34r:

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