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Chancellorsville, first battle really necessary ?

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Hey all,

As I try to comply the campaign in General division level, which is very serious !!

In order to preserve soldiers life, we know that every single step in campaign are extremely sensitive with huge consequencies.

That's why I come here to ask about the necessity or the reason to keep the first battle stage (not the small skirmish to cross the bridge) of Chancellorsville.

With a specially built division of the Avant-guard, (the mission is to take 2 Southern confederate positions) I can capture those 2 positions in time, see screeny below:

Why should the battle continue further if I fullfiled the mission ?

Why does this battle stage exist if anyway the battle has to carry on ?

I always played this battle stage previously by doing nothing, not loose a single man as it's helpless for that long multi-stage battle. 

Thx for your possible explanation.

Chancellors 2.jpg

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The battles in the game mostly try to try to replicate the course of the historical battle. Some of them allow you to end the battle early, but it seems that Union Chancellorsville is not one of them. Doing nothing in this phase is always an option, but using the time to destroy as much of the enemy army as possible will save you casualties on the later days.

Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOip0_l29WU&list=PLt-JAMmvyAGnbrADDeAM04mxBsI9FyWQ0&index=27


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I usually try and do what Panda says and inflict some casualties on day 1, make my job easier later.

This battle in general is not overly difficult but can be made easier on day 1. Just keep your own casualties down and let artillery do the work. So long as you have money for the supplies those will refresh between days. You don't wanna be reinforcing brigades between days though or you'll lose exp.

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