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Suggestions for more British style towers

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With the advent of The HMS hood, I see great potential ioth possibly adding for WW1 era Battleship and battle cruiser towers designs 

Image result for HMS warspite 1916

Firstly the Queen Elizabeth and iron duke class battleships come to mind when I think WW1 British battleships. I really wish we had more British style towers that represent that classic superstructure. the thing is we almost have these designs, advanced tower XII is quite similar to the tower showed above, but maybe we could could make the British modern tower design (Hood)  with a barbette (and maybe room for more funnels) much like the one shown on the warspite (also made available in 1914). Now if the Advanced tower is supposed to represent the above tower, maybe we can also try to make the rear towers hold up to 15 in guns. At the moment rear towers cant hold 15 inch guns which kinda doesn't work with the front tower which can hold 16 in guns. 

Image result for hms renown

next battlecruisers in the 10's and 20's could use a tower which incorporates a barbette  with the tower (much like the hood tower with a barbette attached to it) which can make battlecrusier designs possible form that era to be built and used in the game. Would definitely like to see more designs like the German or British battlecruiser designs (prefer British at least) which can add a bit more depth for the super dreadnought era

Image result for Hms tiger

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Yeah i like that alot. Would love to see more swappable funnels and towers on all hulls (so your not limited to a set limit). Same with turrets as well.

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I think we're going about this the wrong direction, personally. I think "towers" should be subdivided into separate parts.

Right now it's two big blocks that limit turret and funnel placement. We're beholden to these monoliths, and thus on the superstructures the devs have introduced and are planning on. Makes designs look the same.

I think it should have a Lego-like approach. We could have different blocks: deckhouses, bridges, conning towers, masts, fire control tops, secondary directors, and searchlight supports. You slot them together and get a custom result. Want an heavier fire control top? Use a stronger mast or place it lower, where its field of vision is worse. Or, have a light one atop the mast and a heavier one on the conning tower. Want a better bridge? Build up a bunch of platforms on the mast and make your own pagoda, or start from scratch with a big block like the King George V class.

Crucially, blocks could overlap to some extent. No more "wrong-size" barbettes -- just slot in a different one instead. On those hulls with cut down quarterdecks, the barbette could overlap with the hull structure, so no awkward squeezes there either.

Issue is that this would take a lot of work.

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