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With the advent of Alpha 6 being the crew, destroyers, and some towers update. I had a few suggestions on what I'd like to see in maybe future Alphas

- US Battleship interwar turrets and towers (tripod masts and maybe guns that resemble New York or Pennsylvania class ships)

- US and britsh interwar treaty cruiser designs (Really enjoy designing ships with the trento towers, but it would be even cooler with new orlands or county class superstructures)

- Boston or Cleveland class hulls

-  Imperial Japanese Navy interwar pagoda towers

- WWI britsh superstructures (queen Elizabeth and renown class launch superstructures and Iron Duke)

These are the ones that are off the top of my head and would be really cool to have in the ship builder, but there is one more feature that I would really like, but I'm not holding my breath for is spotting float planes for increased accuracy and scouting. If anyone else has suggestions (that arent necessarily combat or campaign related) it would be cool to hear your opinions on what you would add. 

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