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Two issues I have noticed


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While playing today I came across two issues that are not game breaking, but are rather annoying.

- I landed two groups of marines each at 35 men and one unit's officer was KIA. When I combined the two units it placed the KIA general in charge so the unit now did not have an officer. I am not sure which unit I selected first, but regardless it would be nice if the game detected a living officer over a KIA officer.

- The other issue is with an enemy ship sinking. When the enemy board their life boats they are nearly impossible to kill. I have had two ships guns (I have tried standard shot and grape shot, standard shot seems more effective) firing at point blank range at a life boat filled with 200 or so men and they only lost around 30 before boarding an allied ship. With artillery and infantry firing at a life boat they should drop in numbers fast. This is frustrating, because it gives the enemy ship an extreme boost to its effectiveness when this happens and in reality there is no way the life boats should have made it.

Other than that the game is truly awesome. I just recently finished watching the show Black Sails, so I was in the mood for a game like this. Great work and I cannot wait until the game is practically flawless as the Ultimate General series is.

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Yeah those two things are minor but do happen.  AI can shoot good enough to sink my lifeboats at maybe a 33% rate yet I have a hard time trying to sink one of the AI lifeboats and I haven't noticed when I target the AI life boat I am not able to place a target on it like I can to a war ship so I am wondering if I can't do that but maybe the AI can do it so that might be the difference as to why the AI is better at shooting my lifeboats than me shooting at theirs.

I also had the KIA officer assigned when I put 3 units together which had two good officers and one KIA and was wondering too whom should I have selected first if that matters to who is assigned.

I too will say kudos to the DEV for creating this assume game I am already enjoying something new as a feature that I hope it will stay in the game and is not a bug or glitch.  I started a new Britain game and noticed something as a quality of life when it comes to Points of Interest (POI) it seems now you can finish all battles and the POI's remain so you have time to repair your ships then assign them to the POI's and then click end chapter and then they will resolve so to me what that means is we don't need to have a large fleet we can't afford just because we what to do the POI's too.  Before we had to set a battle and POI's at the same time so we needed a lot of ships to do that. What a great feature if it is what they meant!



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