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I've been doing some research to get some nice historical info as flavour for a ship guide, and I've noticed that several classes in-game are seemingly named for singular ships instead of the actual class they belonged to. For example the Dedaigneuse 5th Rates seem to refer to the French frigate Dédaigneuse, which was of the Coquille-class. There are several others as well such as the Cerberus-class which seems to be the Coventry-class or the Diana-class which is likely the Artois-class and the Hermione-class which is probably the Hortense-class.

What is the reason for not using the more historical names here?

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I don´t have UA yet,  but if the ships are the same as in NA, then Dédaigneuse-class would be correct for the La Belle Poule model.

L'Hermione -> Concorde-class

Not sure about the UA Diana, the one in NA belongs to the spanish Mahonesa-class.

And you're correct about Cerberus/Coventry :)

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