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I was attempting to use the ship designer to somewhat accurately model the IJN Fuso and or Ise class battleships in their original 1914-1917 configuration and ran into an issue.

The designer set for 30,000 tons specifies a ~214 meter hull which should be ample room to construct the 6 x 2 x 14" gun setup of either class on the Dreadnought II base.  It's the only hull that works in this time period and visually it appears perfectly suited to the task.

However, in actuality, the base model Dreadnought II does not have a weather deck / casemate of sufficient length to hold the main armament of the battleship.  The maximum allowed distance between the front and rear towers with the requirements of placing a funnel at a specific lock in point as well as two 14" turrets in between is insufficient to build the correct layout.

Moreover, because of the tower configuration placement  limitations (rear tower too far forward) and in regards to a centerline barbette only being able to be placed forward as opposed mid or aft, the design cannot be balanced in the game to remove a severe foreheavy condition and retain a correct gun configuration.

If the attachment points for towers and barbettes will not be loosened up in future designer builds, I'm requesting that the base hull have the casemate length extended slightly so this iconic Japanese

6 x 2 x 14" gun setup can be realized in game.

Update:  I just tried redoing it as a pagoda build to model the 1930-33 refits and the same issues still exists.  In fact, excacerbated due to pagoda front tower weight.


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I also tried to recreate Ise-class and I found that if you try to follow the original design, your ship will have about 40% fore weight offset. You will need to cheese it a bit in order to make it work and only on UK and German hull and turrets. Turning around smallest Main tower with barbettes allows you to place turrets accordingly to the Ise design but you have to use second tower which allows for mounting funnel and you will have to put only one.


You can recreate it, but its not really accurate recreation, I hope they will add a proper hull and when they will start developing aircraft and carriers.

I hope they won't forget about some of the conversions and they won't restrict them to something like Ise did carried (or was meant to carry) which was about 20 recon aircraft... I hope I will be able to put 2 Chutai (18 aircraft) of A6M2-N's with few recon aircrafts.

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