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You had 4 ships with boarding rdy around you , 2 rat full boarding and you did not had determined defender ( you had barricade ) so we would just board you 1by 1 you was finished , before the crash ... sorry brother you comited a big mistake and it is not a server fault 

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At first no barricade no need , and 2nd you board me but you will die just after cause of bull double ball shot vs no repair.

2nd , all you friends a too mutch distance for try redobard me after , so i'm safe.

3rd , got my rum repair and hull repair.

You boarding was a mistake by you side cause you make bad position and dying cause of usless sails repair 2 min before.

No i didn't make mistake , i wanted you to board me for fast sank 1.

The sever crash killed me.

I disengage before sever crash, without crash , i get full sails for good position continue fighting.

Don't say to me i'm done when i know i was totally safe for the next of the battle.

Stop say in global (Implex) I was dead in boarding before crash before thats is totally fals.

And finally don't speak here , is not a post for you but for the devs about a server crash during a battle where the enemy didn't crash too.

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