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Welcome to our recruitment post, this is where we will share details about our Naval Action recruitment drive, posting bits of information about our clan and where you can find out how to get in touch with us.

Founded in 2015 Asymmetric Warrior Group as a World of Warships clan, We describe ourselves as social salty gamers with a slight competitive edge. Combining easy camaraderie with kicking the oppositions teeth in. If you are looking for a clan where you can have a great laugh and not take anything too seriously then AWG may be the place for you.

The clan accepts everyone from across the world, so long as they are sailing under the British ensign and we currently have members from across Europe & North America.
We offer our members

A relaxed, salty and fun atmosphere for having a laugh.
Active members willing to help new players.
The joy of blowing ships up with (new) mates!
Great banter among everyone.
Consider applying to us if you

Can speak fluent English.
Have Discord and are willing to be active on it.
Are 21+ of age.
Are interested in banter and sarcasm.

Bear in mind that although it's obviously a bonus to have a player with several levels, we do not recruit solely based on level, favouring peoples personality and ability to work as a team. We also understand and appreciate that real life events come before clan ones and as such we are tolerant of odd play hours and longer periods of inactivity, should they arise.

The application process is easy, head over to our Discord https://discord.gg/8hN9mkh and read the recruitment channel and fill out the application or just speak with one of our seniors who will be happy to help.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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updated discord link
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Additionally, we are allied with the major British clans, and as such, enjoy the benefits of port bonuses for shipbuilding for our own clan members.  We are looking forward to our continued rank progression and leveling so we can participate and support our fellow British clans in hostility missions and port battles.

Please note, we only play on the PvE server.  We have no presence nor any interest in the toxic PvP server.

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Due to the toxicity in the game, even in PvE, we are no longer playing Naval Action.

Several members of other Great Britain clans (looking at you ISOIT) as well as the PvE Discord (looking at you Friedrich) created an atmosphere and community of whiny, pretentious, power hunger and control hunger players.  As a result, most of us uninstalled the game and are no longer playing.  

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16 hours ago, SFCGunny said:


Debido a la toxicidad en el juego, incluso en PvE, ya no estamos jugando Acción Naval.

Varios miembros de otros clanes de Gran Bretaña (mirándote ISOIT) así como el PvE Discord (mirándote Friedrich) crearon una atmósfera y una comunidad de jugadores quejumbrosos, pretenciosos, hambrientos de poder y de hambre de control. Como resultado, la mayoría de nosotros desinstaló el juego y ya no estamos jugando.  

I think just "they" want the comfort of having safe ports


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