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I'd like to see a possibility to obtain special and rare items, which are not procurable via contract.


Let's say, I'm looking for a Tool's blueprint 😉 and as a lonely trader I won't go to fight AI-fleets to win wooden chests, where such blueprints drop from.

I want this blueprint (or whatever rare item) NOW and I'm willing to pay very good for it.

So I'd like to place my wish on the wishlist and also the price, I'm willing to pay for it in Reals and/or Doubloones (both currencies!).

Everyone can place his wishes on the list, even for the same items for different bids.

Whoever owns a requested item and is willing to sell it can grab the bid of his desire and fulfills the wish. The wish now disappears from the list and that's it. It's like a contract only for buyers - but only for non-tradeable items.

I'd like to see something like this in the game, it's also an incentive for eager captains to do more PVE for rare items, they can sell for attractive amounts of money to wishlist-customers.

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