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I am not a big fan of bringing everything to the tribunal and this is my first tribunal thread.

I reportet the player Jon Silver ingame several times now because my team mates and me being constantly insulted by him in a really primitive way and it starts getting on my nerves that this has not being stopped jet. I want to have fun when playing this game. I do not mind if I lose. I do not even mind being insulted, but not deliberately constantly. 311310_20200222220906_1.thumb.png.192bf2d39307b67784d7f5235fb01e7d.png




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Welcome to the club!  I have had the same problem with Silver many times, especially when He get sank.  I believe he only knows two things: "hello kitty you!"  and "hello kitty you noob!".  I've always reported him but he never loses the habit.

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2 hours ago, TrollUnderTheBottom said:

I think real pirates were even more toxic, then Jon. Your tender mental cannot accept SO rudeness... sorry for that

by this logic hello kitty all the rules 


why have them


stop enabling people like him. real pirates also did criminal things. your claims have no logic

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