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I've had a bit of trouble with campaign mode. I am kind of stuck on the 'get ships and men' part (like the camp part in UG-Civil War) Where do I get these men from, because after battles it never seems as if I have enough? Also, when it comes to buying weapons, how exactly do I do that?

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Unlike UGCW there is no limit to the number of recruits that you can hire. As long as you have enough money to pay for them you can get as many as you want. 

Weapons can be purchased in the shop, button to the left of the globe on the campaign map. A basic musket is always available for purchase as long as you have the money. Alternately, when creating or enlarging a unit you can select the weapon for the unit and the cost of buying extra weapons will be factored into the upgrade cost. Additional weapons will become purchasable over time or when you research the related technology.

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