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A clan should be able to tax its members. Just like any other society a clan should be able to charge a membership fee. It could work like this. The leader / officers could set a percentage ranging from 0 to 10%. Now whenever a member gets a battle reward 10% ( or any other % between 0 to 10%) goes to the clan wh.

  • only Battles get taxed
  • Contracts and Port sellings are not taxed
  • Leaders / officers are taxed as well
  • Doubloon loot out of ships is not effected


A member finished his battle he would get 100 000 reals reward and 10 doubloons

Then 90 000 reals  and 9 doubloons would go into his captains chest and 10 000 reals and 1 doubloon would go into the clan wh when clan membership fee is set to 10%.

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The whole clan system needs lots of but lots of changes. 

From tax, to cwh sharing permissions, to different ranks etc. 

As well as chat interface to map interface. All needs to be handled, as we have enough money maker dlcs now. Time for dev team to take a deep breath and complete missing parts of the game. Sorry to hijack your post. 

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