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Extension of the British Campaign -- Note to Developers

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I have very much enjoyed playing the early access American and British campaigns.  I've hit a few bugs here and there, but overall everything has been quite playable. So, thank you for all of your hard work!

Now you have me addicted and I am suffering withdrawal symptoms.  I managed to capture Le Conquerant at the battle of Savannah Blockade, suffering huge damage to my fleet in the process.  To capture Le Conquerant, I actually had to board three times with different ships, and also had to reboard two of my own ships to win them back when le Conquerant won the first two boarding actions.

Now, I've repaired Le Conquerant  and made it my flagship, and I'd really like to try it out in battle.  Alas...there are no more scenarios developed!  Please save this poor desperate sailor.  When might I expect some additional scenarios for the British campaign?

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Additional campaign content is planned, but it will get released sometime after the game moves to early access on Steam. The EA release is probably going to be within the next month or two. No ETA has been announced for when new campaign content will be available after that. They'll probably be busy dealing with bugs for a while.

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Sounds like a great experience. I am only starting with a US campaign and managed to fight off 2 attackers.  Did you find any keystroke or  mouse commands for ship handling beyond my clicking on the map to orient the ship  or anchor it and the  based on the clicked positions    -- also the mouse seems to affect the guns which seem locked on auto firing  on enemies in range.     Regards, Captain E

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You can left click on a target to manually set an area to target, but broadsides will only fire when a ship is in the displayed firing arcs. 

Some hotkeys:

[F1]-[F5] Sail control
[Space] Anchor
[F] Engage/Disengage
[Z] Hold Left Fire
[X] Aim
[C] Hold Right Fire
[H] Hold Both Fire
[R] Round Ammo
[G] Grapheshot Ammo
[T] Chainshot Ammo

Shift + # to assign a group Ctrl + # to select a group

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Greetings and welcome, MikeK!  You ask about the mystery keyboard and mouse commands.  There are others on these message boards more knowledgeable than I.  However, here are a few useful commands. 

Q and E rotate the large battle map, which usually does not start in a N-S orientation.  I find often find this confusing because the smaller large-area map in the lower right corner is oriented N-S.  So if you are having trouble figuring out which direction are the bad guys or the retreat boundary, use Q and E to orient your battle map N-S.

That said, when you are trying to board an enemy ship, it is often useful to reorient your battle map until you can get a better view of your angle of approach and distance between ships.

I don't know of any keystrokes for orienting your ship; I use the mouse.

If you want to focus your cannon fire on a particular ship when several enemy ships are in range, point to the desired target with your mouse and click the right mouse button.  You should see a red triangle pointing from your ship to the desired target.

To shut off port or starboard cannon fire, there are clickable icons for this at the bottom of the screen.

Several folks in the AoS message forum have gotten together to develop a guide for the game, so you should look for that.  I've been having so much fun just playing the game, that I haven't perused the guide myself.

Fair winds and following seas!

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