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Could it be possible to add a new cutter model maybe ?

Right now the Cutter is the same model than the basic cutter and the trading-cutter, and lack the crew & wind profile to be really usefull + crew exposed to grape.


I suggest adding the cutter "Le Cerf"





Monography from Boudriot:



18x 6pd cannon (maybe smaller than 24pd carro due to smaller gun ports)

135 max crew  for viable boarding/privateering

more square sails surface (that may make it the best 360° wind profile ?)


I think that would be a great addition to the game.


(and keep the actual model for the basic & trader maybe (even better if a 3rd distinct model for the trader ^^)

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If I ain't mistaken, in-game Cutter was modeled from HMS Alert (1777) captured by the French in 1778 and renamed L'Alerte. If so, one in-game cutter could be renamed HMS Alert and the other L'Alerte.

btw there's also French privateer Surcouf's Le Renard (1812), 10x 8-pdr + 4x 4-pdr. Plans available. Defeated HMS Alphea (1806)

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Yes the cutter we have right now is the HMS Alert, my idea is to keep the Alert as the the trader &/or the starter ship not just renaming it.

Renaming the models is not helping, the idea is to have a good privateering cutter with a specific gameplay (like what the privateer is for the Lynx.)

18x 6pd is same as rattlesnake & 135 crew can make it fun, while vulnerable due to the unique mast.


Le Renard 10x 9pd carro & 60 men so worthless in game.

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