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Considering that irl the angle of impact has an effect on whether a torpedo detonates or not, should the game not support dud torpedoes? Currently, no matter the angle, torpedoes always just hit or miss. I find it rather unlikely that torpedoes hitting at an angle of less than 45 degrees would still never fail.

Will we get dud torpedoes in the game based on angle of impact mechanics?

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1 hour ago, PatriotASR said:

And with the US there should almost nothing but duds, after watching the video about the Mark 14 Torpedo I an amazed it sunk anything until 1943.

Very true, though the issue with the type 14 torpedo was more US development related/blundering than actually widespread. The angle of impact affecting detonation universally affects all WW2 and earlier torpedoes. A steep angle of impact is never good and captains where always instructed to fire torpedoes at a 90 degrees angle to the hostile target to maximize chance for detonation. 

In the game, even a hitting torpedo moving directly towards the bow of the ship frontally always detonates. IRL this would have been very likely a dud, unless magnetic detonators where used and the torpedo would move beneath the ship. However those magnetic detonators where often very unreliable as well compared to impact detonators.

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7 hours ago, Shaftoe said:

I support this suggestion, and hope that it will be implemented. Otherwise it will remain like in WoWs/WT: Naval. Lol.

Exactly, that is not something we want. We want a as realistic as possible game. In a way I also do not like the ship HP bar, but at least that one is not linear in terms of HP reduction upon a hit.

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