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i would like to add a possibility for the port bonuses. so that there is a option that the clan creater can set open  or closed. 

for example option 1. is open for all clan members. 

                      option 2. is only open for clan officers.

We would also like to have a log option off the port bonus investments. so we can see if someone has been putting in incorrect investments to the port.

thanks in advance. 


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I add that it would be useful if Port Improvements can be 'torn down', taking say a week to complete the 'tear down' (to prevent any reactionary abuse regarding defenses). This would allow ports to dynamically redevelop with the ebb and flow of conquest.

On a related note, it would also be very useful if the Clan Warehouse had at least 2 parts, so one could be to safeguard high value items (only Officers can withdraw), and the other for mundane items everyone can withdraw (like repairs/rum, majority of books, common upgrades)

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