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RvR / PB - Increase reward or make VM more valuable

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RvR needs a reward boost imo and I believe that redeemable woods chest would be very good reward for RvR players. So after defending/attacking successfully players get a wood chest as a redeemable. The wood chest are not that hard to come by anyway if your willing to grind PvE, so it is not to good/much. 

Current reward and why it's not enough:
The victory marks (VM) we get today is not that useful for players in a immediate and individual way. In the beginning VM where extremely valuable for clan/nation to upgrade/invest in ports. Now on the other hand most nations are done investing in all their ports, and the VM are just stacking up and are useless. Even selling them is a difficult, because the current status is the same for most nations so the marked value for VM is decreasing rapidly.

Alternative reward buff:
Make a section in the Admiralty for stuff to buy with victory marks, then players can buy special upgrades, ship permaits, BP etc.

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15 minutes ago, z4ys said:

Doesnt make sense as long you can exploit rvr by alts and agreements. VMs are now more or less useless destroying the purpose of such exploits.

Still some individuals are eager to exploit the system and ruin the game.

RvR rewards should help to ease the grind but no broaden even more the gap between strong and weak nations.

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