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Abilene Paradox - Features that you think others like but personally hate

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Captain. Question.

There is a psychological paradox called abilene paradox. It is happening when you personally hate something, but thinking that the whole group you belong to loves it. (while in reality everyone individually hates it too). This causes community to keep doing something they do not like, because they think everyone else loves it.

What is what you do not like in NA that you think others like?
1 thing per post please


ps.. like the posts that resonate with your thinking. Use the sad face for the posts that do not resonate with your thinking. 

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The ability to redeem DLC ships with seasoned woods.

Demasting meta. It should be a lot harder to demast.


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PvP/PZ Rewards.

PvP Rewards should reflect more the kind of battle you have won and the risk you have taken and what you have achieved. You should get virtually nothing for a big gank or sinking an LGV in an Endymion. You should get a big reward for an equal BR fight or a 1v1 duel.

The rewards are too great for PZs too (I think you are even thinking of improving them further?). Nobody really risks anything as they just use throwaway ships fit for brawling so there is no cost/result/consequence. It favours large clans/nations who dominate with sheer numbers and yet the leader board reflects who has the most resources/DLC/mates to throw ships at it and stack up kills, combat medals and PvP Hunt missions . I don't mind having PZ's for people who want to do arena style insta combat but the rewards and leader board should reflect that they are risk free and promote more organic OW PvP which is better imo and which the high PZ rewards draw players away from.

Rewards should be reduced for DLC ships too, again reflecting the lack of risk.

There is too much emphasis on BR size (as opposed to BR difference) too. Yesterday I was sailing around in an Endymion, I had some nice 1v1 frigate battles but didn't rack up many points. Later I was in a Christian and ganked a couple of Redoubtables with mates and then I sank a shit admiralty 3rd rate with crap upgrades. It was easy and yet I suddenly leapt up the leaderboard and came out with an Admiralty Chest and 45 PvP Medals.

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The Grind.

Everyone does it, in one way or another, but nobody likes to feel the pressure of grinding to have a special cannon, seasoned woods, upgrade (steel toolbox, for example) or the rare permits (specially the latter). Same with grinding knowledge slots, nobody really like to do pve to unlock those slots faster. 

The unsatisfaction with the grind also comes from the bad rewards of mission and silver chests (people only go for gold chests and upper) and the low chances of getting the permit you are looking for. Many permits are considered rare so getting the one you are looking for can burn out even the most patient player.

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Have the feeling no one really likes it, but due to "perceived lower quality of ship modules, or whatever" they tend to play bigger numbers to increase chances of success.

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I hate that players criticize the new AI fleets, knowing that their function is to protect newbies in their capital zone. there is a lot of coward that hunts newbies and now they feel without that possibility ..

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the(very) slow access  to certain,  books /upgrades / (grind) missions.  ( seems {to me} unfair by game provided possibilities), >  (i have no access to 3/2/1/ rate grind  missions for example}

(it restricts me for using some ships,.. knowing that the enemy has better same ships due better (faster access) equipment in/from  their own waters.  ) 

what ends up in >> i don't want to lose ships,>>  i can t afford to lose  (rare  acces) (EVE principal) {like gifted ships i got from admin i don't use because of their beauty :) }

That's why we see easy first rates in our waters on one side, against frigates on the other side .

(it seems to be a unbalanced access in some particular area  (non craftable upgrades and books, or to expensive to grind, or no access to parts , or it takes to long to get access to some stuff {    [my goal is the loodsman, but i am doing stuff for months now >> but only have 25 cm at this moment on the bank account {{ongoing game needs }} for buying the darn thing and nobody seems to care about it) it's a    painstaking goal what nobody seems to care about.)

whos to blame ? the servers?...  >>> restrictions and limitations.?  {that's why in EVE you can craft everything in a accomplishable time frame you only have to dough deep into it}

or is the player:  the one to blame: i don't know! { some want pew pew the easy way, and some wants to build something to go to pew pew pew  {perhaps i do not fit anymore in this game if the game does not provide me the tools to accomplish things in a reasonable time frame} [windboost was a great achievement for getting speed up things] .


it's not that i have to pay only 56 doubloons for a first rate or 10.000 , but  it's the access to certain things i miss a lot like (the good) upgrades and other stuff. it takes  j u s t  to long.

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