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I would see it being similar to UGCW except a lot more customizable. What I mean my this is that you have unlimited resources (money, weapons, ships, officers, etc). You will be able to use these resources to customize both your fleet and the Ai’s fleet however you desire allowing for any scenario. For the purposes of keeping down development time, I would suggest having you select from predetermined maps (most likely the ones that are already in the game). This will allow for us to create scenarios to our hearts content with a wide range of options. 

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6 hours ago, WilliamTheIII said:

You will be able to use these resources to customize both your fleet and the Ai’s fleet however you desire allowing for any scenario.

Imo it would be great to have additional means to ...

- set timers for enemy ai to attack your position

- set routes for enemy ai to walk,

- set deadlines for the player, until when he / she has to get to a certain point of the map or defeat a certain enemy unit,

- write textpopups and link them to a timer or reached goal, that could be used for telling a story e.g.,

- embed little pictures or videos underlined with text and linked to timers or reached goals,

- share self designed scenarios with the player-community, so that these could be downloaded and played as extra content.

@sterner I don’t know if my suggestions could be realized, maybe they are over the top!?

But it would be awesome to have these tools imo!!!

Maybe you could sell such an editor as a dlc and this way fund your extra efforts!?

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Generic Requests:

Be able to share custom setups between players. Even just being able to make a save of the pre battle setup like you can in UGCW would allow players to post custom scenarios. Steam Workshop integration is probably the dream scenario here.


Basic Naval and Land Battle Options:

1) Select technology level or time period(amount of tech, weapons, ships unlocked). Preferably be able to enforce different limits for the player and the AI.

2) Select weather, wind direction, battle start and end times.

3) Select amount of crew/men, funds, and maybe ships/weapons available for each side. Preferably be able to enforce different limits for the player and the AI.

4) Allow setup of ships/units on both sides.

This would allow basic custom setups where the two sides just fight until one side is eliminated.


Bonus Feature Requests:

1) Select generic AI settings (aggressive, defensive, etc)

2) Select map, assuming AI and deployment logic can support multiple maps. Reusing existing battles like the historical and custom battles in UGCW perhaps? Alternately, could add a few maps with very generic victory conditions for each side to provide options that aren't just kill all enemy units.

3) Write custom pre-battle text description.

4) Be able to share a scenario with certain options locked. For example, sharing a scenario where the AI force is already setup and the player has to build a force with the preset resources. Or being able to share a scenario where the AI force and player force are both locked in.

5) AI or player force randomization. 

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Wow, that's an interesting question. I'm not particularly interested in custom games at all, but my friend read about it on this site inversegamer.com. And he said that he learned about a lot of new games that he didn't know about, thanks to this site. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for. Just all the guides that I need I find on this site, especially I read a lot of information about crafting new things in Minecraft. Or try to Google this question, maybe you will find the answer to your question. Good luck to all the guys, we gamers need it, right ? :)

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