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>>>"Alpha-4 v67+" General Feedback<<<

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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha 4 v68 HotFix (13/2/2020)

  • Increased damage of main guns. The whole damage model should feel now much more realistic, as intended for the main update. 
  • Reduced base accuracy for secondary guns. On average their accuracy is inferior compared to main guns but they will aim progress more effectively when targeting fast vessels.
  • Flooding should happen more often when guns hit underwater sections. - Flooding will not be repaired so fast, so it will have a noticeable impact on large capital ships.
  • Increased slightly the damage of torpedoes.
  • Torpedo protection effect reduced slightly so that late battleships do not become immune to torpedoes.
  • Increased base speed of torpedoes about +2 knots. They could become unhistorically too slow at their maximum range settings, creating targeting issues (Ships not firing torps at long range, firing at too wide arcs and hitting themselves etc.).
  • Decrease speed penalty of electric torpedoes from -30% to -25%.
  • Weight issues making ships, especially battlecruisers, too fast for their size have been resolved. A ship may still be designed to exceed the 40 knots but with much greater sacrifices in armament and protection. 
  • Fixed an issue with German Battlecruisers (They were unavailable for a small time period between 1924-1929 in custom battles).
  • Fixed issues that made Torpedo Boats (TB) either too slow or too vulnerable to gun fire.
  • Fixed a problem with a British BB of the 1920s that made its hull too long. - Allocated more funds to mission "Hurry Up" to allow strong ships of higher speed.
  • AI & Gun Targeting Improvement.
  • Other minor fixes.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts "Alpha-4" v67 (5/2/2019)


  • Two new 3D Base Models ships: the legendary battleship "Bismarck" and the mighty battlecruiser "HMS Hood": Bismarck and Hood hulls are available in new Naval Academy missions and Custom Battles (after year 1927).
  • Improved Damage Decals: The damage is more detailed, according to where it actually happened and the ship now becomes more realistically darkened. Soon, all Towers, Funnels, weapons will have a detailed special appearance when destroyed.
  • New secondary gun barbettes: You can now create special looking and realistic ships by using a combination of barbettes for your secondary guns, on the centerline or at the sides. These barbette mounts appear when mounting main gun or special towers. If the hull is not wide or enough, you might not be able to use them all efficiently.


  • German Pride: Design a powerful German battleship and attack the English fleet, in a similar way as it happened in the historical battle of the Denmark straits. 
  • Prove your Might: Your British battlecruiser must defend a valuable convoy against a German Battleship and a heavy cruiser. Can your ship do better than HMS Hood?
  • Modern Battleship vs Destroyers: Your battleship must survive the attack of multiple Destroyers.
  • The US Super Battleship: A group of large dreadnoughts that have been modernized by the Japanese Navy is sailing back for refueling. You have the opportunity to attack and sink them with your much more powerful super-battleship, before strong reinforcements arrive.
  • Design your own H-class: Create the continuation of the legendary Bismarck-class and defeat a US Fleet.
  • Hurry Up:  A German raiding squadron is approaching your lightly protected military convoy while you are far away. Build the naval force that will be capable to travel fast and repel the enemy.


  • Mission: "Heavy Duty" has now objective to only kill the super battleship. Previously it could be also won if all cruisers were sank, ending the battle prematurely.
  • Mission: "Search & Destroy" has been improved. You need to destroy the two BB before strong enemy reinforcements arrive and make your task harder.
  • Mission:  "Torpedo Basics" has more available money, so that more torpedo boats can be built (The mission could become very hard against a much more powerful battleship, due to the new settings).
  • New hulls have been added to missions “Rise of the Heavy Cruiser”, “The Modern Battleship”, Sink "The Cruiser Killer", “Heavy Duty”.


  • Several new gun models added. Please note that the rescales and improvement of guns as well as the general improvements of ship designer could make your saved designs non functional.
  • Various hull fixes for better looking ship designs at all technology eras.
  • Three more super-battleships based on Bismarck and Iowa hulls. You can find those ships in new Naval Academy missions and in Custom Battles (after year 1929)
  • More hull variants of late tech, mostly based on the new 3D models: 6xBB (Britain, Russia, Japan, Austro-Hungary, China), 2 x BC (Germany, Russia), 3x CA (Germany, Austro-Hungary, USA). These ships are also distributed to the other nations so that custom battles after year 1927 include more late technology ships for all countries.


  • You can now set specific targets for main guns, secondary guns and torpedoes as follows:
    All weapons: Right Click
    Torpedoes: Shift + Right Click
    Secondaries: Alt + Right Click
    Main Guns: Shift + Alt + Right Click

    Note: Due to the new targeting changes, your selected ship will no longer follow the target when right clicking on it. The targeting system should work more effectively, overall.
  • Weapon Fire Mode (ammo control) is now working per division, not per ship. 


  • Improved damage float up info, showing more clearly the damage inflicted on ships, and fixing issues that caused game performance drop.


  • Damage/Penetration of guns is balanced according to feedback of players. Capital ships should be more durable. Secondary guns will still be useful but not overpowered.
  • Improvement in accuracy mechanics. Big Guns will not have so much accuracy difference with smaller guns. Aiming will be more dynamic, so that maneuvers or steady course will affect aiming accordingly.
  • AI Design of Battlecruisers will prefer to use armor more, and not make weakly protected ships.
  • AI Design of Destroyers will be more effective and will focus more on speed and maneuverability. Additionally, the minimum speed of Destroyers is 26 knots.
  • Fixed issue of not updating torpedo stats according to techs/components used. Now torpedoes should be more properly effective depending on their technology level.
  • Fixed issue of accuracy that could make AI not to fire vs very small torpedo boats or Destroyers at a range that they should.
  • Minor rebalance of reload penalty/bonus according to shell type. Light shells should be quite more effective for short range. Heavier shells reload slightly slower.
  • Minor rebalance of Lyddite shells, so that they continue to be effective after the new damage changes. 
  • Tube Powder shells gain a further slight bonus in penetration and reload.


  • Several issues of buggy gun rotations have been addressed.
  • Fixed issue of interrupting smoke screen emission for ships becoming detached.
  • Fixed various reported problems that caused gun overlapping with towers.
  • Other minor bug fixes reported by players.


  • Various performance optimizations.
  • AI in custom battles will never retreat. It is a temporary fix and later we will add this as an option.



Please try to avoid very long discussions about historical matters in patch notes and feedback threads. Instead, please use this forum section: 

Historical and Maritime Discussions or another special post you want to create.

Additionally, please do not insist on long debates making those threads unreadable. The Patch feedback topics ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us for filtering information that is specific for each game update. 

It is important to understand that patch feedback is for conveying information to developers, not arguing or fighting with others. From now on, cluttered rants or discussions irrelevant to the patch will be automatically moved. 

Thank you  for the understanding!

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Thank you all for the ongoing feedback. We prepare a hotfix that will improve most if not all of those you report to us regarding damage, as well as other fixes. Thank you for the support.

A new hotfix has been deployed Admirals! Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha 4 v68 HotFix (13/2/2020) Increased damage of main guns. The whole damage model should feel now much more realis

The team is 1 programmer, one designer/tester/writer, one artist. Adding more people before all core systems are in will slow the development down.  Ship designer is not currently a priority, and wi

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2 minutes ago, Bluishdoor76 said:

@Nick Thomadis Actually upon further inspection its not the hull's points. Its the Modern Sec Tower I for Bismarck that has the floating hard point and yes, unusable for secondary placement since they are over the edge of the hull.



Ok then it is not really a big issue, we can just hide unusable mounts of some towers, later.

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1 minute ago, Bluishdoor76 said:

Btw how do we access the british turrets in costume battles? Ive switched to the british to see if that would fix it but they still dont seem to show up.

Turret types are depended on technology era. Try battles between 1926 and 1935.

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Just now, Bluishdoor76 said:

Very impressed with the new Hull hardpoint options for towers and barbettes. Great step in the right direction.

Really want to play now, but my broadband had several fits at 3 till now so doing some werid torrent download atm from the launcher (not sure if thats normal).

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1 minute ago, Bluishdoor76 said:

Also the Super Yamato hull is so large it goes off the dockyard...

we might need a bigger dockyard :P

We will offer a bigger dockyard for the super battleships, in next updates.


20 minutes ago, HusariuS said:


Well... AI is still terrible in designing a ship :D


I killed it by Hood-ing it.

AI here tried to squeeze very big advanced guns, in a small hull of older technology (Custom Battle hulls are not yet optimized according to era, so some of them to become obsolete). It can do much better surely. Let's accept that humans can do such mistakes too.

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How about making a challenge of this? 

THE most ugly Battleship to be posted here wins. The price is a matter of negotiation though.

I suggest this, as in this overall beautiful game, we can already build EXTREMELY beautiful ships. 

Edited by Teckelmaster
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3 minutes ago, pietjenoob said:

I just had a crash with the were the error said too many threads or something like that

In the H-battleship mission

Do you use a very high resolution monitor? Can you play with reduced resolutions settings of 1080p?

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You can go full Nelson as the.. Austro-Hungarians in 1935 when they didn't exist, but you can't as Britain? 

What guns fit in the casement mounts built into the Hood style towers? Cause, as it stands none. 

Didn't fix the German Pre-dreadnought hull where tower 2 doesn't fit flush. Why do some American warships only get access to a forward cage mast but not a rear one? Didn't fix the overlapping mounts on the American super battleship modren tower. Didn't fix a bunch of other mounts and hardpoint issues that... I just can't be bothered to report again. 


I didn't even bother getting into combat proper to see how all the new damage looks and other stuff works. Big yawn from me. large.screen_1920x1080_2020-02-05_15-17-37.png.f5c751a4ed32158fdac26e4c0078c005.png

See ya at alpha 5 in, 3 months or so. 

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