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where is the Private Forum


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10 hours ago, DudeWhoNeedsHelp said:

I've had problems where I can't find the launcher link, so I looked on the forum for it. It mentions that I should check the private forum, what does it mean by that.

Greetings. This is a private message on the forum. I’ve just sent you one, please check it for additional clarification on your issue

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30 minutes ago, DudeWhoNeedsHelp said:

oh, thank you. another issue I have is that I bought the limited edition version, but I cant find the link to the launcher

Please check private forum message that was sent to you earlier today. If you prefer, you can send me a mail to ink@navalaction.com instead (please send it from a mail that was used to purchase the game or provide the address in mail)

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