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Can't Install Both


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Step I: Open Task Manager

Step II: Click More Details on the bottom left

Step III: Look for an application called 'launcher'. The icon will be displayed as two diamonds interconnected. They look the same for both AOS and Dreadnoughts

Step IV: Select and press end task in the bottom right corner

Step V: Open the launcher and play away

So a couple things to note, is that both AOS and Dreadnoughts work independently of each which is why you need separate accounts for each one. Most likely your error was that you had AOS opened and one point and then minimized it. Unless you have specified it not to, (in settings by clicking your email) the launcher will hide itself in the taskbar and no longer be visible. You can click the ^ arrow which will allow you to see the launcher when it is invisible.

Hope this helps!


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13 hours ago, Rat1965 said:

I bought Dreadnaughts and Age of Sail. I installed Dreadnaughts first and a couple of days later tried to install sail. I couldn't complete the installation and I get a "There is another instance of launcher" error message. Any fix for this?  

Greetings, could you please clarify if the problem is still there?

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