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We, as a clan(FPM on PvE), have done numerous port defenses and I would like to make a suggestion please.

The NPC/AI circle control and attacks are extremely difficult. I will be nice if the NPCs numbers, and capture control points could be reduced sligthly (I recommend a start of about 20-30%). I suggest instead of 6 Indiaman- 2 total and their number capture points reduced by half. If the war ships capture points could be reduced by 20-30% that would bring it to a more attainble level and contribute to a more engaging battle. The crew/hull numbers reduced sligthly the battles would be more engaging and maintain their challenge; our last defense battle the Bellonas had crews of 797ish - consider 650 to 695. Right now, port defense it's extremely difficult to win. The few we have managed to win and where very close to a loss, sometimes within a few points short of the 1000 (maybe increase the capture number to 1500).  I understand the setting the bar high will turn ports over to the Raiders for attacks by other nations and give clans a teamwork challange, however, please consider these tweeks for future port defense battles. 

Attacking port battles; the defending NPCs could be increased (I shudder to say this) slightly. I suggest NPC defenders be given a ship or two more or increase their BR at most. That would bring the challenge up slightly for now and once the dust settles you could look at the challenge factor again consider further modifications. 

Another idea I have, please bare with me. What about Raiders attacking more unused or lesser used ports including Freetowns or Freeports such as La Mona, give the Freetowns guns emplacements and make those "tough as wallnuts" to crack. 


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I have also been in a few port Battles and we have literally been run over. 

The AI comes hell bent for the circle and everything in their way be damned.

We lost some good ships defending what at times seems to be undefendable.

Those numbers that Bubba posted would help to lower the frustration many of us feel right now trying to defend our home turf.

I feel that nerfing the AI just a bit will help greatly.

Right now we are about 50% successful in defending ports.

The ones we lost the amount of resources to bring it back online is staggering.

Thank you for considering this posting.

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As a member of the FPM Clan on PvE, I would add the following comment:

We (FPM) are a very big and very active Clan, and even though we have co-ordinated Battle Plans and use Comms during the "Defend Against the RAIDERS" Port Battles; wins for us are not common.  I don't see a small Clan as having even the slightest chance to win vs the RAIDERS.  Which means that these smaller Clans/Nations don't even bother attempting to defend their Ports.  Which makes the RAIDERS Port Battles a moot point -  simply uncontested wins.

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